• How to Order Online

  • 1. Load you Laundry Basket.

    Add Items to your laundry basket (shopping cart) by selecting a service (e.g. Laundry, Dry Cleaning, etc.) then selecting a category (e.g. Suit, Trouser, etc.).
    All items related to the selected category will be displayed.
    Enter quantities next to the desired items then click on 'Add to Basket'. All items (with non-zero quantities) will be added to your laundry basket (shopping cart).
    Delete items or change item quantities while viewing your laundry basket. This is also where you can keep an eye on the number of items in your basket, and how much it all costs.
    Continue selecting items by selecting further services from menu. Finished adding? now you are ready to Checkout.
  • 2. Checkout.

    When you have finished adding items to your Basket and you are happy with your order, click on the Checkout button while viewing your Basket. You will now be directed to the Checkout page.
    Before reaching Checkout, we will ask you to Register or Sigin.
    • Register or Login

      If you have NOT registered or loggedin you will be diverted to the login page.
      If you are a new customer then please register yourself. The registration process allows you to select your collection and delivery address, schedule details and payment options. To register enter your postcode when prompted.
      On the next page enter your personal details (name, email, telephone etc.) and click Save. A 'Thank you for registering' email will be sent out to you now.
      After registration or sign-in you will see your name on the top left of the screen.
      Select your name to to view following links:
      'Account Details'
      'Payment Options'
      'Book Collection & Delivery'
      'Laundry Basket History'
  • 3. Place Order

    Once you have signed-in (or registered) you will be able to click on 'Place Order' button on the Checkout page.
    If for any reason you get lost or diverted, click on the Basket icon (top right) to return to your Baskett. Now click on Checkout to checkout your Basket.
    During Checkout you may add or amend your collection & delivery days and times, address and payment details.
    Your address and payment details are also available in your account, after you Login.
    Please also enter any instructions we need to follow for items in this order in the comment section during Checkout.
  • 4. Print Order Form (if possible)

    Selecting 'Place Order' button will display your Order Form in a new window.
    The form contains your order details and your collection and delivery details.
    Print your order form and place it with your soiled items in a bag ready for collection.
    If you are unable to print then please make sure your bag for collection has your name on it or you have a piece of paper with your name in the bag.
  • How to Order by Telephone or Text

  • If you do not have access to the web or prefer not to order online then contact us by phone: New customers: We can register you and book your first collection and delivery over the phone. Existing customers: We can book your collection and/or delivery time over the phone.
  • How to Order via email

  • Send your email to info@caraclean.com and we will reply with available times. You can use this email for all your queries and requests. New customers: We can register you and book your first collection and delivery via email. Existing customers: We can book your collection and/or delivery time via email.