Repair/Alteration Skirt

Skirt Fastening£12.20
Description: New Elastic
Skirt Fastening£2.30
Description: Hook
Skirt Fastening£2.30
Description: Bar
Skirt Fastening£3.60
Description: Concealed Hook
Skirt Fastening£3.60
Description: Concealed Bar
Skirt Fastening£0.90
Description: Stitch Button
Skirt Fastening£2.70
Description: New Button Hole
Skirt Fastening£13.10
Description: New Elastic Waistband
Skirt Length£14.90
Description: Shorten from Waist
Skirt Length£12.20
Description: Shorten with Lining
Skirt Length£4.50
Description: Re-Hem
Skirt Pocket£3.20
Description: Repair Pocket
Skirt Pocket£6.80
Description: Remove Pockets
Skirt Pocket£8.60
Description: Remove & Close Pockets
Skirt Re-Line£20.30
Description: Re-Line (Full Length)
Skirt Re-Line£24.80
Description: Re-Line "A" LINE (Full Length)
Skirt Skirt£17.60
Description: Re-Line (Knee Length)
Skirt Skirt£13.50
Description: Take In Sides
Skirt Skirt£24.80
Description: Take out Pleats
Skirt Stitching£6.30
Description: Remove Layer/Frill
Skirt Stitching£5.90
Description: Repair Lining
Skirt Stitching£8.10
Description: Patch Lining
Skirt Stitching£22.10
Description: Insert Panel
Skirt Length£13.95
Description: Shorten
Skirt Length£14.90
Description: Shorten with Pleats
Skirt Length£9.00
Description: Lengthen
Skirt Length£10.80
Description: Lengthen with Pleats
Skirt Waist£11.30
Description: Take In Waist
Skirt Waist£13.50
Description: Let Out Waist
Skirt Fastening£9.95
Description: New Zip
Skirt Fastening£11.45
Description: New Concealed Zip
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