Dry Cleaning Service Suits, Ties, Blouses, Trousers, Evening Dress, Wedding Dress, Curtains, Rugs and Carpets and much more.

  • We like to think of our London dry cleaning service as the best in London with quality unmatched by other dry cleaners for the price - sometimes modesty must be brushed aside.
    From personal dry cleanable items such as suits, silk ties, blouses, trousers, skirts, day or evening dress to household dry cleaning such as curtains, covers, blankets, rugs and carpets; we have the resources to collect, professionally dry clean and deliver.
    It really is 'thrilling relief and absolute convenience."
  • London customers expect excellence from there dry cleaner

    London dry cleaners need to satisfy some very demanding customers, both individuals and businesses.
    We are proud to say that we now provide our London dry cleaning service to guest staying at The Regency, Kensington (five stars) and VERTA, London Heliport, Battersea (five stars).
    However, most of our customers remain as busy individuals; Londoners who need consistent quality dry cleaning and a punctual collection and delivery service (we learnt this the hard way).
  • Dry cleaning special items

    Items are classified as special if they are very expensive, delicate and/or need to be dry cleaned separately.
    These items can show up as a wedding dress, an antique lace blouse (we usually hand wash and hang dry these), evening dress and designer clothing.
    Because of the value of such items only Mr. Osmani, senior consultant with CaraClean with over 40 years experience decides the method of cleaning, the length of the dry cleaning or wash cycle, the drying time and a hold load of other good stuff; not written in any guide or learned in a one month course!
  • Is your garment dry cleanable? Do not worry if you are not sure!

    Each item you send to us for full-service cleaning is first checked to see if its dry cleaneable or washable. If your item is dry cleanable it will have one of the first five symbols below. If it is not dry cleanable ("DO NOT DRY CLEAN") then the item care label will have a circle with a cross like the last symbol:
    Dry Cleaning symbols
  • Dry Cleaning Price List

    Our dry cleaning prices are available from the main menu from our home page; simply select 'Dry Cleaning', then select category (e.g. Suit, Trouser, etc.).
    Our dry cleaning prices include free re-cleaning if the stain does not come out the first time we will attempt a re-clean.