Duvet and Pillow Laundry Service Duvet Cleaning - Washing or Dry Cleaning. Pillow Cleaning - Washing or Dry Cleaning.

  • You can be sure your duvet gets thoroughly washed in our 25kg machine, using detergents that are friendly to natural feathers.
    We wash all items according to manufacturer's instruction. Most instructions are familiar to us and here are the steps we generally use to clean duvets and pillows; of course steps and temperatures differ depending on feather type or if your duvet or pillow is synthetic.
    For washing your duvet and pillow; we use the coolest temperature recommended by the manufacturer.
    Some duvets and pillows have to be cool dried before placing them in washing machine to remove all the dust build up.
    Because duvets and pillows absorb a lot of water and soap; rinsing two or three times is necessary.
    Duvets and pillows take a very long time to dry. Having large tumble driers considerably reduces the drying time. Adding tennis balls in drying cycle helps to separate feathers. however, we do not find this necessary most times since our tumbler (drum inside drier) has a large radius which means your duvet and pillows fall from a greater height on each cycle. This breaks feather lumps apart and the falling effect reduces drying time.

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