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  • A top-notch hand-finished Shirt Service. Our London Shirt Service coupled with our free London collection and delivery service (pick up and drop off) really is "thrilling relief and absolute convenience".
    Try our Shirt Service for fresh clean shirts with top quality pressing (ironing) and finishing.
    Our Shirts have body and crispness to them and are not dull with a visible "un-pressed" look on closer inspection. we are probably the best shirt cleaners in town!
    All shirts (men/women) are checked for stains and collars and cuffs are soaked for at least one hour.
    If your shirts are beginning to frade around the collar and cuffs then this is usually from scrubbing.
    We press (iron) your shirts wet on a shirt-unit machine. Shirts are not dried in a dryer which can cause shrinkage. However, we have found that some custom made shirts with no manufacturers cleaning instructions do shrink! As such, we do not take any responsibility for shirts which do not have manufacturers cleaning label.
    We hand finish all shirts; apply creases to the sleeves and touch-up for a perfect finish.
    Please let us know if you would like your laundered shirts starched and/or folded (see Preferences section when selecting shirts to your basket).
    Our Shirt Service includes free button replacement (up to two buttons replaced): If a shirt button is broken or missing we will replace it with a best match.

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