Turnaround Time time between collection & delivery

Our standard turnaround time for laundry and dry cleaning is 24 to 48 hours. Express service, same day and next day, is available for selected central postcodes only. Other services tailoring and alterations, leather and suede have longer turnaround times.

Turnaround Time Laundry & Dry Cleaning Repairs & Alterations Leather & Suede
Standard 36-48 hours 48-72 hours 8-14 days!
*Super Express Less then 12 hours = +50% Less then 72 hours = +50% contact us
*Express 24 hours or less = +25% Less then 48 hours = +25% contact us
*If express is available for your postcode you will be able to select it when selecting your collection and delivery times during Checkout or during 'Book Collection & Delivery' in your account.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Laundry and dry cleaning items will be ready for delivery within 36 to 48 hours as part of our standard service. If you need express service, we can deliver next day (less then 24 hours) at +25% and same day (less then 12 hours) at +50%.

E.g. in Central London we can collect on a Monday and deliver on a Wednesday. Delivery on Tuesday is 25% extra ('Express') and delivery on Monday is 50% extra ('Super Express').


We try to get your repair/alteration items ready for delivery with your regular laundry and dry cleaning items (if any). We can only do this if the work requires a relatively short amount of time (e.g. shorten or lengthen trousers). If it is not possible to get your alteration/repair items ready with your laundry and dry cleaning items (if any) we will deliver your order at the next sheduled visit for your postcode. Please check your 'Invoice and Delivery Note' email sent to you after collection. The delivery note part will have delivery times for each item. We can also make two deliveries if the total of your regular laundry and dry cleaning items meets the postcode minimum order amount and total of your repair/alteration items also meets your postcode minimum order amount!

Leather and Suede

Leather and suede cleaning is preformed by our chosen leather cleaners. Turnaround can take up to 14 days! However this is the maximum time. We will try to meet your chosen delivery time or contact you for another delivery time if you have chosen less then 14 days turnaround time. If your order meets twice the minimum for your postcode and your order also contains laundry and dry cleaning items; we can make two deliveries to you; one for your laundry and dry cleaning and one for your leather item(s) at a later date.

*Super-Express and Express Service

Express service is avialable for certain postcodes. If express delivery times available you will be able to select them during Checkout or during 'Book Collection & Delivery' in your Account. Please contact us immediately when booking express orders online. Your express order will need to be confirmed by telephone (you need to speak to us, emails may get delayed) and may need to be collected before 11AM; depending on delivery time. We are not responsible for any Express orders not confirmed by a CaraClean staff member. Sometimes it is just not possible for us to 'ok' an Express or Super-Express (see below) order.

Super-Express service (same day delivery) is available for certain postcodes for regular laundry and dry cleaning items. We need at least an 8 to 12 hour turnaround time and we must collect before 11am. Order collected after 11am, may not be ready on time for delivery within 12 hours. Express orders booked and collected after 11AM and delivered the next day will be charged at the express rate (+50%). Again, you must call us, after you book your express order online, for our 'ok'. Sometimes it is just not possible for us to 'ok' an Express or Super-Express order.